Investopia 2023

Investopia 2023 Abu Dhabi

Envisioning Opportunities in Times of Change

Bringing together global leaders and change agents to engage in the latest thinking on the global investment ecosystem and opportunities lying ahead.

2 - 3 March 2023

Dialogue - Key Themes

Investopia 2023 was a highly anticipated event that brought together global leaders from across the investment ecosystem and various new economic sectors. This second edition of Investopia, taking place in the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi, aimed to provide participants with a unique platform to explore new insights and investment trends resulting from a rapidly changing world, connect with like-minded global leaders, and identify promising investment opportunities in new economies and beyond.

Organized under the theme “Envisioning Opportunities in Times of Change” in partnership with SALT, Investopia 2023 featured dynamic and engaging discussions revolving around three key areas: Envisioning Opportunities in Today’s Economy, The Future of the Wealth of Nations, and Growth Opportunities in times of Decarbonization.

Furthermore, building on its vision to create an investment community and marketplace for unique opportunities in new economies, Investopia 2023 saw the launch of the first edition of its “Venture Marketplace”. This marketplace brought together startups, entrepreneurs, and VCs, giving them the opportunity to present their success stories, form interesting dialogues specific to the startup space, and explain their investment strategies and interests for the near future.

In addition, Investopia 2023 featured a Capital Introduction activity that aimed to connect a global network of allocators with a diverse range of fund managers through innovative technology.

Finally, Investopia 2023 hosted a series of closed roundtables and investment meetings that brought together global financial and non-financial institution leaders to discuss areas of collaboration and investment opportunities.

Envisioning Opportunities in Today’s Economy

In the wake of COVID-19, commodity and energy crises, an inflation crisis, geopolitical tensions, re-normalization of monetary policy, a global economic slowdown and financial market correction, will 2023 mark a new beginning for the global economy, financial markets, investors and corporate sector?

The Future of the Wealth of Nations

The emergence of new economic sectors will lead growth going forward. How will this develop into opportunities for investors and more resilient financial markets in advanced economies and emerging markets?

Growth Opportunities in times of Decarbonization

The global net-zero agenda calls for the mobilization of significant investment, including a promised $100 billion per year to assist developing countries. Investopia 2023 will, in parallel, focus on the enormous investment opportunities for diversification and innovation, economic growth, and job creation around the globe.

Marketplace - Ventures

A Hub for Entrepreneurial Growth and Investment Opportunities

A Hub for Entrepreneurial Growth and Investment Opportunities

Investopia's central goal was to establish an investment community and hub for exceptional prospects in emerging economies. To advance this mission, we proudly introduced the debut of our Venture Marketplace at Investopia 2023.


This marketplace convened startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, providing them a platform to showcase their achievements, engage in thought-provoking discussions centered on the startup realm, and showcase their investment plans and priorities for the near future. Investopia 2023 designated a space for the Venture Marketplace, which focused on 3 key activities: sharing success stories in entrepreneurship, exploring insights from the regional startup ecosystem, and showcasing venture capital talks. These activities provided a platform for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and venture capitalists to share knowledge, network, and advance the growth of the startup ecosystem.

Communities - Capital Introduction Activity

Faciliating Capital Flow by Matching Allocators with a Diverse Range of Fund managers

Faciliating Capital Flow by Matching Allocators with a Diverse Range of Fund managers

In line with Investopia’s purpose to bring together stakeholders from across the investment ecosystem and to facilitate the creation of investment opportunities, Investopia 2023 introduced a new Capital Introduction activity, in partnership with iConnections, to connect a global network of allocators with a diverse range of fund managers to facilitate the proper flow of capital.


How does it work?

  1. Step 1: Managers provide complete profiles that can be filtered on the iConnections platform, beginning with high-level data such as structure and strategy, and honing down to the details such as Sharpe ratio and social focus
  2. Step 2: Allocators then reach out, through the platform, to managers that seem to fit them best based on their investment preferences and the needs of their portfolio
  3. Step 3: The meetings are only confirmed once both sides agree to take the meeting at Investopia 2023 in Abu Dhabi on March 2-3, 2023.
  4. Step 4: Once the meeting is confirmed, iConnections has proprietary optimization technology that will match your requested meetings to build out a schedule


About iConnections

iConnections is the largest cap intro platform in the world. It presents a new model for the alternative investment industry, connecting a global network of allocators with a diverse range of fund managers via the iConnections platform and bespoke events.

Investopia In the Metaverse

Experience Investopia in the Metaverse

Experience Investopia in the Metaverse

🕘 Day 1: 2nd of March - 12:00 – 12:20 📍 Metaverse Auditorium


Exploring Ownership in the Metaverse: Understanding the New Economy


Pietro Calugi | Director General, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Massimiano Tellini | Global Head, Circular Economy at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center



🕘 Day 2 : 3rd of March - 10:00 - 10:20 📍 Metaverse Auditorium


Tokenization of the Metaverse: Challenges Versus Opportunities


Khalifa Al Jaziri – Projects Experts, Metaverse Committee Chairman, MOEC

Joel Curtado – Managing Director, Casperlabs

Ulrike Till. - Director, IP, and Frontier Technologies Division World Intellectual Property

Moderator: Fatima Al Hajeri – Director of Investment, MOEC 

Investopia 2023 Program

Investopia 2023 featured 3 tracks: Dialogue, Communities, and Marketplace to discuss trends and opportunities in new economies, connect allocators with fund managers, and bring together venture capitalists and startup founders to accelerate innovation and growth.




πŸ•˜ 6:30 Poolside

Train with Barry's Abu Dhabi on Day 1

Join us for a 45-minute HIIT poolside workout. The best way to start your day refreshed at Investopia!

πŸ•˜ 9:30 β€” 9:45 Main Plenary

Opening Session

Investopia 2023's opening session featured discussions on the UAE's resilience, agile response to the pandemic, and commitment to international collaboration and sustainability. The event promises to provide unique opportunities for investors to explore new insights and investment trends in new economies.

πŸ•˜ 9:45 β€” 9:55 Main Plenary

Intervention by H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak

This session at Investopia 2023, featuring H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak, explored H.E.’s emphasis on the UAE's investment priorities, including fostering collaboration, sustainability, and creating opportunities for global talent.

πŸ•˜ 9:55 β€” 10:05 Main Plenary

Abu Dhabi on the Global Map

Abu Dhabi Chairman H.E Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi shared how AD is emerging as a leading city with economic diversification, growth in non-oil sectors, and a focus on sustainability.

πŸ•˜ 10:05 β€” 10:35 Main Plenary

Uncovering the Potential of South-South Investments in Emerging Markets (In partnership with the IFC)

Emerging Markets are perceived as risky for international investors, while also facing the challenge of sustained economic development in a decarbonizing world. In today’s economy, new tools,, such as blended finance can be used to de-risk investment in Emerging Markets and support foreign direct investment flows. Additionally, trends in cross-border investments in emerging markets are accelerating clean energy transitions and climate solutions. Join a conversation with global leaders on the key investment trends we are witnessing in Emerging Markets. How is current economic uncertainty, global supply chain disruptions, and technological innovations influencing cross-border investment flows? How can south-south investment flows stimulate sustainable economic development?


πŸ•˜ 10:35 β€” 11:05 Main Plenary

Global Real Estate and Private Equity: Investing in an Evolving Landscape

Global real estate markets have begun to show slight cracks amid the first major monetary policy tightening cycle in nearly 20 years. Will commercial real estate and housing be resilient in the face of higher interest rates, or should investors prepare for more volatility? And with wider dispersion across segments of the market, where should investors look to be opportunistic? How can Private Equity fill in gaps in financing real estate and other sectors amid macro uncertainty and shrinking liquidity? Executives from leading firms will check the temperature of global property and private equity markets.

πŸ•˜ 11:05 β€” 11:35 Main Plenary

Fintech Revolution

Fintech has not just disrupted Wall Street, but also brought major paradigm shifts to various aspects of global society. The disintermediation of economies threatens to unleash a wave of prosperity and return power to the individual. Leading entrepreneurs across different verticals of digital finance will discuss how technology is changing economic models, societal structures and giving birth to new, virtual worlds.


πŸ•˜ 11:55 β€” 12:15 Main Plenary

Global Luxury Brands: Key Trends and New Governance

Luxury brands have witnessed remarkable growth in the last few decades. National brands were lifted to the global stage and consumer accessibility accelerated with the rise of e-commerce. The founders paved the way to success, but with time, the matter of succession and persistence of their brands comes into question. Join us for a conversation with global leaders to discover the prospects of growth and investment in the future of luxury brands across industries.

πŸ•˜ 12:15 β€” 12:45 Main Plenary

Growth Opportunities in Today’s Economy

The global battle against inflation persists following two decades of expansionary monetary policy, a once-in-a-century pandemic and new supply-chain disruptions. Output has partially recovered post-pandemic, but there is uncertainty regarding its path over the coming years. Will we win the battle against inflation? If so, at what cost? Leading global investors will discuss the state of the global economy, and how those views inform their current investment theses. The year 2023 could mark the beginning of a recession, stagflation, financial stress, or mild growth. What are the implications for investors, and how can policy actions mitigate the casualties from the global war on inflation?


πŸ•˜ 12:45 β€” 13:00 Main Plenary

D33: A New Economy

Dubai's economy has transformed into a global hub for trade, tourism, and investment, and its ambitious leadership is continuously innovating and seeking new ways to expand its economic successes. As we enter 2023, Dubai has embarked on an exciting new economic agenda, D33, with the aim of doubling the size of its economy within the next decade. This ambitious plan is designed to achieve growth and sustainability through its 100 transformational projects focusing on efficient regulation, trade, ongoing digitization, investment, and the accumulation of human capital. Join us for an insightful conversation with one of Dubai’s key leaders to explore the emirate's dynamic and constantly evolving economy and gain a deeper understanding of its plans and strategies to reinforce its position as one of the top global cities in the world.

Session Speakers


πŸ•˜ 14:00 β€” 14:30 Main Plenary

Mobilizing New Economies

Efficient mobility is a key ingredient to economic growth, driving globalization and reducing costs. Global trends in mobility and transportation have changed the way we work, travel, and do business. However, some present-day mobility solutions are not sustainable, due to safety concerns, greenhouse gas emissions, and congestion. Moreover, the regulatory system is still adapting to rapid technological growth in the transportation sector, leaving some of its potential untapped. Leading entrepreneurs and officials in different verticals of the mobility cluster, from aerospace to electric vehicles to hydrogen engines, will share how we can leverage innovation to create a smarter, cleaner, and more inclusive systems that accelerate the growth of New Economies.

πŸ•˜ 14:30 β€” 15:10 Main Plenary

Venture into Untapped Markets: Private Growth Investing

Rising interest rates and a post-COVID return to normalcy have decimated high-growth technology valuations, in both public and private markets, in a route not seen since the early 2000s dot-com bust. However, the dislocations have created opportunity for smart and well-capitalized investors to increase positions in high-quality companies - both in primary and secondary market transactions. Leading venture capitalists will discuss their unique approaches to deploying capital and being opportunistic in the current environment.

πŸ•˜ 15:10 β€” 15:40 Main Plenary

Reimagining Regional Economic Development Through Finance

The world is committed to achieving full-scale decarbonization, but history has shown that economic growth is typically correlated with higher greenhouse gas emissions. Recent changes in the global economy, from supply chain disruptions to rising nationalism, have highlighted the importance of domestic manufacturing, an area where it is hard to decarbonize. In a time of exponential technology growth, how canΒ development finance support innovation and promote sustainability while remaining in line with regional government strategies to create manufacturing hubs?


πŸ•˜ 15:40 β€” 16:10 Main Plenary

Food Security in Times of Climate Change

Adverse impacts of climate change go beyond pollution and warming; they also impact our ability to provide global food security. Rising agricultural commodity prices, due to various factors, demonstrate the fragility of the global food supply, a problem that will only grow a rising global population.Β How can public officials and private entrepreneurs address food security challenges, ranging from technology-driven food solutions to optimization of farming best practices?

πŸ•˜ 16:10 β€” 16:40 Main Plenary

Trends in Family Wealth (In partnership with Northern Trust)

The institutionalization of family wealth management has been a theme in global finance over the last decade, and in no geography is it more apparent than the MENA region. Leading family office principals and advisers will delve into how investment priorities and allocations have changedΒ in recent years, including a greater emphasis on alternative investments.Β  Are the UAE and GCC insulated from the current, uncertain global economic environment? What are the structuringΒ and competitive capabilities in the region?

πŸ•˜ 6:30 Poolside

Train with Barry's Abu Dhabi on Day 2

Join us for a 45-minute HIIT poolside workout. The best way to start your day refreshed at Investopia!

πŸ•˜ 9:00 β€” 9:30 Main Plenary

Good Business (In partnership with The Helm)

Women start businesses at a rate 1.5x higher than men, tackling the world's biggest problems and spurring innovations that will shape our future. Yet, female-led investment firms receive just 2% of all venture capital, with a disproportionate amount being invested in consumer-focused funds. How can we build an investment culture that capitalizes on both the financial and social returns of investing in companies founded by women?


πŸ•˜ 9:30 β€” 9:40 Main Plenary

Address by The Premier of Bermuda

In this session, the Premier of Bermuda, The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, emphasizes Bermuda's commitment to a long-lasting friendship with the UAE, highlighting commonalities and opportunities for growth and innovation.

πŸ•˜ 9:40 β€” 10:10 Main Plenary

Quantum Leap: Transforming Industry Through Quantum Computing & AI

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is revolutionizing the way we produce, work, and cooperate in a world where technology is omnipresent. Manufacturers are integrating the newest innovations at the expense of human labor. Doctors are leveraging machines more than ever to diagnose and treat patients. Art and literature are being disrupted by artificial creators. While the 4IR is still new, the opportunities created by Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing are immense. Leading thinkers and entrepreneurs in AI and Quantum will explore a vision of industry that optimizes efficiency and growth.

πŸ•˜ 10:10 β€” 10:40 Main Plenary

How Blockchain Will Change Finance

While cryptocurrencies remain largely a speculative retail asset class in need of regulation, blockchain technology continues to permeate and disrupt the traditional financial industry. Executives from notable financial institutions will discuss how they are leveraging distributed ledgers, tokenization and blockchain infrastructure to unlock value and achieve efficiencies going forward.

πŸ•˜ 10:40 β€” 11:10 Main Plenary

Innovations in Precision Healthcare (In partnership with GKSD)

Healthcare and biotechnology has enjoyed a wave of rapid innovation, from advanced therapeutics to prevent severe disease to more detailed data analysis to individualize care. Technology has dramatically shifted our ability to improve longevity and healthspan. How can technological innovation and Artificial Intelligence improve healthcare, reduce costs, and improve quality of life? Leading entrepreneurs, academics and executives will explore the frontier of innovation in life sciences.

πŸ•˜ 11:40 β€” 12:10 Main Plenary

Growth Opportunities in Times of Decarbonization

The developed world is hyper-focused on achieving net-zero emissions, although the transition away from fossil fuels will be slow due to the demands of fast-growing emerging markets. Growth opportunities stemming from de-carbonization can act as strong incentives to accelerate green initiatives. How can we create a healthier climate by making energy transition a complement to cheaper solutions that meet global needs?Β  The global net-zero agenda calls for mobilization of significant investment, including $100 billion per year to assist developing countries. Leading investors will discuss the enormous investment opportunities for diversification and innovation, economic growth and job creation around the globe.

πŸ•˜ 12:10 β€” 12:40 Main Plenary

Beyond Borders: Harnessing the Power of Global Trade for Investment & Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic and increasing geopolitical tensions have given rise to a more nationalistic mindset around trade and investment. While countries recognize the importance of globalization and growing the economic pie, they are also more cognizant than ever of protecting national interests. How can current trends in foreign direct investment (FDI), trade agreements, and supply chain management spur greater economic growth and attract investment? What are the latest developments and international regulations on cross-border digital flows?


Capital Introduction Activity in Partnership with iConnections

In line with Investopia’s purpose to bring together stakeholders from across the investment ecosystem and to facilitate the creation of investment opportunities, Investopia 2023 will introduce a new Capital Introduction activity, in partnership with iConnections, to connect a global network of allocators with a diverse range of fund managers to facilitate the proper flow of capital.


Suitable for: Allocators, Fund Managers, VCs, Family Offices

🕐 Starting 9:00 AM

📍 iConnections Space

πŸ•˜ 10:00 β€” 10:30 Venture Marketplace

Good Failure vs Bad Failure – a VC Perspective

In the VC ecosystem, the likelihood of funds stumbling upon successful investments vs ones that do not fair as well is not equal. Namely, the distribution of positive investment returns is not normal. However, there are hidden returns to investments that do not succeed as planned financially. Join us for a conversation with leading firms from the regional ecosystem to discuss the VC perspective in learning from Good Failure.
πŸ•˜ 10:30 β€” 10:45 Venture Marketplace

VC Talks: MEVP | FDI in MENA Tech

Join us for a conversation with one of the region’s leading VCs to discuss the past, present, and future, of FDIs into the MENA tech industry. In this session, will take you over the evolution of the tech and VC industry in the MENA region, highlighting the case on why it remains an attractive investment opportunity.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 10:45 β€” 11:00 Venture Marketplace

VC Talks: C3 | The Role of ESG in Venture

Join us for a conversation with one of the region’s leading VCs to discuss the role of sustainability and ESG in venture capital. This session will look into transforming the benefits of working to enhance ESG standards in startups into sustainable investment returns.

Session Speakers


πŸ•˜ 11:00 β€” 11:30 Venture Marketplace

The VC Challenge: Competing for Capital

The regional VC ecosystem is the main contributor to the establishment and growth of successful startups, which are one of the largest contributors to the economy, in the region. However, the allocation of local capital to VC funds is scarce, increasing competition among leading firms and leading to some ventures with high potential to remain unfunded. How can the VC ecosystem work with regional allocators to ensure an allocation of capital that leads to healthier competition?
πŸ•˜ 11:30 β€” 11:45 Venture Marketplace

VC Talks: Raed Ventures

In this session, Wael Nafee, Partner at Raed Ventures, discusses the challenges startups face in 2023 and offers survival advice for existing and new founders.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 11:45 β€” 12:00 Venture Marketplace

VC Talks: Diving into DASH Ventures

DASH Ventures has been operational since 2010, investing in some of the regions first and brightest startups. Founded by seasoned business veterans, with a track-record of scaling multi-billion dollar businesses, DASH was launched to empower entrepreneurs who strive to transcend social norms. Now, after 13 years at the helm, with many lessons learned, mistakes made, and success stories, the team at DASH believe that the MENA ecosystem stands at the most pivotal inflection point it’s ever reached. Join us for a deep dive into DASH's ethos, and an insightful discussion on how all of us can help support the budding entrepreneurial spirit that’s currently emanating from MENA.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 14:00 β€” 14:30 Venture Marketplace

Building a Falcon Economy

In this session, local leaders will delve into Abu Dhabi's unique public-private partner ecosystem and why it sets it apart from other regional players in terms of competitiveness. What does it mean to run an integrated socio-economy, and how do different entities contribute to building a thriving ecosystem? What are the latest programs, initiatives, and affiliations towards attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and global talent attraction? Join us at Investopia 2023 to gain a deeper understanding of the Abu Dhabi story and what it takes to build a Falcon Economy.


πŸ•˜ 14:30 β€” 14:45 Venture Marketplace

VC Talks: Paymob

In this session, Paymob CEO Islam Shawky shares his experience in building a successful business in the Middle East, discussing his vision for the future and emphasizing the importance of value-driven growth, perseverance, and strong partnerships.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 15:15 β€” 16:00 Venture Marketplace

Year of Sustainability: Lightning Round with Leaders in Sustainable Impact

In light of the Year of Sustainability, National CSR Fund brings together leaders from the public, private, social enterprise, NGO and academia sectors to answer burning questions from students on the topic of sustainability. The session is moderated by Lubna Bouza, Sky News Arabia TV and Dana Kamali, National CSR Fund with students from across the UAE and panelists from Prime Minister's Office, Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative, National CSR Fund, HSBC Bank, Crescent Enterprises, Khidmah LLC, Maseer, Zayed University, Rawafed Centre and Sajory.
πŸ•˜ 9:15 β€” 9:30 Venture Marketplace

Success Stories in Entrepreneurship - Seafood Souq

This session at Investopia 2023 Summit will explore the success story of Seafood Souq, a seafood delivery business that has revolutionized the seafood industry. We will hear from the founders of Seafood Souq on how they have been able to create a successful business model and how they have been able to scale their business. We will also learn about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and how it can be used to create successful businesses. Finally, we will explore the potential of the seafood industry and how it can be used to create more successful businesses.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 9:30 β€” 9:45 Venture Marketplace

Success Stories in Entrepreneurship: RedSea

In this session titled "Success Stories in Entrepreneurship: RedSea," Ryan Lefers, a scientist turned CEO, discusses how their nanotechnology can extend growing seasons and reduce water expenditure in harsh climates.

Session Speakers

Investopia 2023 Partners

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  1. Investopia 2023 is a UAE-based platform that connects the global investment community around future investment opportunities. It is a two-day event in Abu Dhabi on March 2 to 3, 2023 that brings together leaders, investors, and visionaries to share their latest thinking on investment and opportunities in new economies.
  2. The theme of Investopia 2023 is "Envisioning Opportunities in Times of Change." The event will focus on three critical areas: Envisioning Opportunities in Today's Economy, The Future of the Wealth of Nations, and Growth Opportunities in times of Decarbonization.
  3. Investopia 2023 is jointly organized by Investopia and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.
  4. Investopia 2023 will focus on the global economy, financial markets, and investment opportunities in the next decade in light of recent changes such as the COVID-19 pandemic, commodity and energy crises, geopolitical tensions, and a global economic slowdown.
  5. The Venture Marketplace at Investopia 2023 is a dedicated space for startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists to present their success stories, share insights on their businesses, and explain their investment strategies. The marketplace will feature Success Stories in Entrepreneurship, Insights from the Ecosystem, and Venture Capital Talks.
  6. Investopia 2023 is open to anyone interested in global investment opportunities and trends, including leaders, investors, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and members of the investment community.
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