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Investopia works with experts and partners to provide valuable and actionable knowledge for leaders and investors on how to approach new economies.

Our team and partners have vast knowledge and experience on identifying and capitalizing on new investment opportunities and navigating different markets and regulatory environments. We deliver this knowledge through our events, publications, and consulting services, helping leaders and investors make informed decisions and succeed in new economies.

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Latest thinking on new economies
▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Inside a Continent Taking Off: Meet the Founders of Top African Ventures

What drives a startup's groundbreaking success? In a session titled "Inside a Continent Taking Off: Meet the Founders of Top African Ventures," H.E. Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi — Emirati Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Tosin Eniolorunda — Co-Founder and CEO of Teamapt, Onyekachi Izukanne — CEO of Trade Depot, Peter Njonjo — Founder and CEO of Twiga, and Ahmed Sobhy — Chief Investment Officer at Banque Misr discuss the skillsets that drove top African ventures to success, the achievements that truly distinguished them from other startups, and the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Future 3.5 Dialogue: India

In a session titled "Future 3.5 Dialogue: India," H.E. Piyush Goyal — Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry and Prashant Pitti — Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip discuss India's navigation through recent geopolitical developments and its strategy to reduce volatility through private-public partnerships, digitalization in the financial sector, and the ingraining of the value of sustainability across all spheres

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Emerging Markets: From Frontiers to Frontline?

Finding opportunities for growth in adversity— Explore how emerging markets develop in the wake of consecutive challenges. In a session titled "Emerging Markets: From Frontiers to Frontline?" H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri — Minister of Economy, UAE, H.E. Makhtar Diop — Managing Director at the International Finance Corporation, H.E. Piyush Goyal — Minister of Commerce and Industry, India, and H.E. Dr. Hala El-Said — Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Egypt, discuss the response of emerging markets to recent adversities such as inflation, highlighting the role of developed countries in providing tangible support

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

The UAE Investment Outlook: 50 Years Ahead

The UAE Investment Outlook: 50 Years Ahead' - A session held at the Pre #WorldGovSummit as part of the 'Investopia Forum,' shedding light on vast opportunities offered by the UAE to global investors

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

From Linearity to Circularity: Moving to Sustainability-focused Economic Governance

Sheikh Dr. Majed Al Qassimi, H.E. Laila Abdullatif, Sanjiv Kakkar, host a session about 'From Linearity to Circularity: Moving to Sustainability-Focused Economic Governance'

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Sustainable Finance Driving Global Transformation

Sustainable Finance Driving Global Transformation' a session held on the Pre #WorldGovSummit 2022 as part of the Investopia Forum

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Featured Reports

Explore reports by our knowledge partners addressing modern socio-economic challenges and opportunities in new economies
📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

What does Climate Leadership mean in the Age of Net Zero Commitments?

The report, developed by Investopia and Deloitte during the Investopia Inaugural Summit in 2022, outlines an eight-point action plan for climate leadership in the age of net zero commitments. The report highlights the need for individual and collective leadership to move beyond net zero narratives to tangible and transparent actions. The action plan includes priorities […]

📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

Sustainable Finance is Driving Investment for Change

The report, developed by Investopia and Deloitte during the Investopia Inaugural Summit in 2022, highlights the importance of sustainable finance in driving investment for change, particularly in light of the urgency to address climate change within the next decade. The report emphasizes the benefits of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into business strategies, […]

emerging economy
📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

The New Emerging Economy Investment Demographic

The report developed by Investopia and Deloitte on New Emerging Economy during the Investopia Inaugural Summit in 2022 highlights the potential of emerging economies to catch up with developed countries through market liberalization and domestic structural reform. The report also emphasizes the importance of policies that support qualitative growth, particularly in promoting gender equality and […]

📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

The Forces Reshaping Globalization: The Implications for Business

The report by Investopia and Deloitte on Reshaping Globalization discusses the decline of the liberal global economic order and the emergence of a multipolar economy with separate but overlapping networks, led by the US, China, and Europe, as well as the likely reinforcing of Asia as a distinct trading bloc with China at its center. […]

📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

Get Ready for the Quantum Impact

Start planning and experimenting with quantum computing today. Investopia and Accenture developed the report on Quantum Impact during the Investopia Inaugural Summit in 2022. The report discusses how quantum computing technology is advancing rapidly and is on track to enable more complex business problems to be solved through enhanced optimization, machine learning, and simulation, bringing […]

📕 Report - Feb 2023 -

The Metaverse: A Continuum of Technology and Experience, Reshaping Business

Investopia and Accenture developed the report during the Investopia Inaugural Summit in 2022. It discusses the Metaverse, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models poised to revolutionize life and enterprise in the next decade. The report covers various topics, including the transformation of how businesses interact with customers, how work is done, […]

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Discussion Summaries

Read session summaries from recent Investopia flagship and satellite events
📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Global Trade in the Age of Sustainability: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, H.E. Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Chris Cox, Samaila Zubairu, and James Zhan discuss harnessing the power of global trade for investment and growth and the importance of diversification, sustainable investment, and building strategic partnerships.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Growth Opportunities in the Decarbonization Era: Industry Leaders Discuss Challenges and Solutions

In this session, Euroclear CEO Lieve Mostrey and GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta discuss decarbonization opportunities and challenges.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Mindset Shift: Collaborating for a Sustainable Future with Private, Public, and Social Sectors

In this session, industry leaders discuss sustainable practices and the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors, social enterprises and NGOs, and academia for achieving sustainability goals.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Paymob CEO Shares Insights on Building Successful Startups in the Middle East

In this session, Paymob CEO Islam Shawky shares his experience in building a successful business in the Middle East, discussing his vision for the future and emphasizing the importance of value-driven growth, perseverance, and strong partnerships.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Exploring the Future of Precision Healthcare: Insights from Industry Leaders

Dr. Gianvito Martino, Dr. Michael Severino, and Ashish Joseph share insights on the trends and challenges in precision medicine and the qualities needed in leaders to drive the next stage of healthcare innovation.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Blockchain and Digital Currency Experts Discuss Growth Opportunities for Finance

In this session, Jeremy Allaire, Dmitry Tokarev, Dr. Alexander Lipton, and Ronit Ghose discuss blockchain's growth opportunities and impact on finance.

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