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Randah Taher

Biomimetic and Innovation Facilitator, Sajory

Randah Taher is a Culture Designer and Innovation Facilitator. Her work boosts creativity, engagement, productivity and revenue streams.
Randah has a playful sandbox that is filled with proven methods and tools that design cultures of innovation, creative problem-solving sessions, biomimic analogies, design thinking bootcamps, edutainment games and creativity tools. She has systems and techniques which can turn an organization on its head. But her sandbox is not all.
Her bottom-top approach has helped translate ideas into multi-disciplinary programs as well as develop internal innovation functions. Randah understands people’s ways of thinking, cultivates their talents through improved processes, facilitates different innovation methodologies and designs programs and systems that fit the proposed challenges. She empowers and fosters creativity and ownership with everyone she encounters. She works with intra-preneurs to nurture the smallest cultural shifts with the biggest impact from within.
A renowned storyteller, TEDx and keynote speaker, she helps organizations get their innovation story in place.

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