Investopia Europe 2nd Edition

Shaping Future Investments and Business

Investopia Europe, part of the Investopia Global Talks series, will build on the success of the inaugural edition that took place in May 2023, and will bring together around 450 senior executives, investors, entrepreneurs and globally connected experts. Investopia Europe this year will also expand its focus beyond Italy and the UAE to include Malta, Cyprus, and Portugal.

10 May 2024

In Partnership with

EFG Consulting

About Investopia

Investopia Europe in its 2nd edition will revolve around 3 key pillars:


A series of panels featuring leaders discussing trends and
opportunities in 5 key themes


A series of facilitated roundtables where 15-20 business leaders and
investors from participating countries will explore collaboration and
investment opportunities in 4 key areas


A G2G activity specially crafted for selected large Italian businesses to
present investment opportunities to large individual and institutional
investors from the UAE and beyond

Investopia Europe Program




🕘 9:30

Opening Remarks

Session Speakers

🕘 9:35

Institutional Greetings

🕘 9:50

Economical Overview

Session Speakers

🕘 9:55

Fostering Economic Growth through International Cooperation and Partnership

The global economic landscape is changing rapidly, with fragmentation being a key headline. How can nations work together through policy harmonization and economic partnerships to promote global economic stability, growth, and prosperity?


Giancarla Rondinelli

Giancarla Rondinelli

🕘 10:55

Creative Catalysts: Investing in the Creative Economy for Job Creation and Growth

The creative economy can become a pivotal force in driving economic development and innovation. How do we support the development of creative industries and promote investment to unlock opportunities for job creation, cultural enrichment, and sustainable economic growth?

🕘 11:35

Coffee Break

🕘 11:55

A conversation with H.E. Daniela Santanchè

Session Speakers

🕘 12:15

Navigating the New: Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality

A new generation of travelers is emerging with different expectations and requirements. What are the emerging trends shaping the tourism and hospitality industry, and what is the role of innovation, sustainable practices, and international collaboration in driving growth and enhancing the visitor experience?

🕘 12:55

A Mega Investment Opportunity: Sustainability and Green Growth

Sustainability is a revolution that touches every country, sector, and asset class. It is also creating significant investment and growth opportunities. How are the different industries reacting and how can we create a win-win scenario for the planet and economic prosperity?

🕘 13:35

Catalyzing Success: Unlocking Investment Opportunities in SMEs

SMEs account for a large share of most global economies. What role should the different ecosystem stakeholders play to support SME development particularly in new economic  sectors and ensure sustainable growth?

🕘 14:15

Global Horizons: Empowering Company Internationalization

International expansion is a key goal for most organizations. What are strategies to ensure successful global market entry and overcome international trade barriers, and how can companies leverage governmental support to enhance global competitiveness?

🕘 14:55

Closing Remarks

🕘 15:15

Lunch and Networking

🕘 16:00

Thematic Roundtables Welcome Remarks

Session Speakers

🕘 16:10

Thematic Roundtables

Invitation only. Facilitated discussion of 20 – 25 participants per roundtable for 90 minutes. Attendees are senior executives from participating countries.

  • Investment Opportunities in SMEs
  • Investing in the Creative Economy
  • Investing in Sustainable Fashion
  • Opportunities in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Economic and Geopolitical Outlook

Roundtable: Investment Opportunities in SMEs (Invitation only)

🕐 16:10

Roundtable: Investing in the Creative Economy (Invitation only)

🕐 16:10

Roundtable: Investing in Sustainable Fashion (Invitation only)

🕐 16:10

Roundtable: Opportunities in Tourism & Hospitality (Invitation only)

🕐 16:10

Roundtable: Economic and Geopolitical Outlook (Invitation only)

🕐 16:10

G2G Sessions

Government-to-Government strategic investment programs and Sovereign Wealth Funds are playing an increasingly important role in the investment ecosystem. As a result, Investopia Europe will introduce a special G2G track where government officials from around the world will lead distinguished delegations of businesses eager to connect with potential investors from the Middle East, or bring innovative projects, investment opportunities, and strategic partnerships that can be of interest to local and regional SWFs.

Investopia Europe 2nd Edition Partners

Strategic Partners

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