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Federico de Rosa

Chief Editor, Corriere della Sera

Federico De Rosa, 55 years old, economic journalist, has been working at Corriere della Sera –

where he is deputy editor-in-chief – since 2001.

He has worked for Il Foglio and Milano Finanza and has collaborated with Il Messaggero, El Mundo, and Nouvelle Observateur.

He has covered industry, finance, technology, and media. Guest on in-depth TV shows and conferences on industrial and financial topics, he has reported as a journalist on the evolution of the financial sector in Italy and the transformation of the technology industry, from telecommunications to media, over the last 25 years. Author of the book “Meno Stato più mercato” (Marsilio).

Graduated in Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome, specialized in Corporate Finance at SDA Bocconi, he completed a study period in Economics at the University of California San Diego.

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