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Giancarla Rondinelli

Anchorwoman at TG1 – RAI

The journalist, originally from Calabria but adopted by Rome, began her professional journey in Milan, where she graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.
She started her career in radio before transitioning to print media, working for publications such as “Repubblica” and the newspapers “Il Tempo” and “Il Giornale”, where she began writing about politics, her great passion.

As a correspondent for Rai 1’s program “Porta a Porta,” she covered the major political events of the last decade. She also reported on the COVID-19 emergency for the same program, covering the hardest-hit areas starting from Bergamo.
In 2022, she was sent to Ukraine as a correspondent as soon as the war broke out.

Currently, she works as a parliamentary journalist and correspondent for the political newsroom of Tg1.

A mother of two children, Greta and Giorgio, whom she considers her greatest masterpiece. She is also grateful to her parents for shaping the woman she is today. She loves her work, finding immense joy in it. She also has a deep love for her homeland, Calabria, its sea, and its scents, which she carries with her. She has a passion for the political and international history of her country and loves to travel, expressing a desire to do so continuously. How does she describe herself? As a citizen of the world, with a broad perspective.

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