Investopia 2022 Inaugural Summit

From Now to New: Seizing Future Opportunities

The inaugural summit was launched at WGS 2022, bringing together 90+ speakers and 1,000 participants to discuss future investments globally.

28 March 2022

About Investopia 2022

Investopia 2022 summit was held as part of the World Government Summit, bringing together government officials, institutional investors, industry experts, and social entrepreneurs to discuss future investments and opportunities around the world. The summit aims to facilitate global dialogue, foster innovative models and partnership schemes, and promote responsible and sustainable economies.

Though COVID-19 accelerated changes in how we work, live and consume, many profound shifts were already underway prior to the pandemic. The hunt for returns must navigate exciting new terrain as multiple new growth hubs are emerging across different sectors and regions.

Novel technologies and actors are transforming financial markets, business models and asset classes and the next wave of advanced digitalisation and automation is driving potential in areas as diverse as supply chains and genomics.

Gen Z is entering the workforce and markets with an unprecedented capacity to make their choices count. Lenders and regulators are joining activists to focus on sustainability and impact investment, and more investors are following fast.

We are at a watershed moment for sectors that are thriving today and those that will thrive tomorrow, this is a β€œfrom Now to New” moment for investors to spot and seize future opportunities.

In this context, the Investopia Summit 2022 is where the world’s most ambitious visionaries, leaders, and investors gather to create a Future Economies ecosystem. They will share their latest thinking on the future investment outlook and opportunities for the next 5-10 years across four areas that will critically shape the future:

The shifting global geo-economic landscape, which will explore how global growth hubs are shifting, how globalization is changing and what it means for cross-border investment.

The search for a sustainable alpha, which will look at ESG, but also how to tap into underserved groups and impact investing.

Future technologies in key sectors, such as the applications of AI and quantum computing, the Metaverse, and digital assets and currencies.

The future 3.5 billion dialogues, Throughout the day, the Future 3.5 billion dialogues will engage participants with exclusive insights into latest market developments, economic reforms and investment opportunities in various markets and regions, from Eurasia to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Key Themes

Main Plenary

Thought leaders explore how global economic, (geo) political and societal trends are reshaping the investment landscape.


Future-oriented discussions of industry and public sector leaders to explore the opportunities that sectors of the future economy are offering.

Future 3.5 Billion

Dialogues to outline innovation, reforms and opportunities in different sectors of investment in countries that represent 3.5 billion of people and new markets.

Briefing Sessions

Sector oriented conversations of experts on the implications of new technologies on future investment strategies.

Focused Investment Bilateral

Hubs curated to bring investors and prospective projects together.

Curated C-Suite

Roundtables showcasing future investment and development opportunities for the world’s largest companies.

Summit Program

Investopia 2023 summit features 3 tracks: Communities, Dialogue, and Marketplace to connect allocators with fund managers, discuss new economies and digital assets, and launch a marketplace for driving new economies and connecting investors with opportunities.


πŸ•˜ 09:00 β€” 09:15
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

Welcome Address

The opening keynote speech at Investopia 2022, given by H.E. Abdullah bin Touq, was a warm and inspiring address that set the tone for the rest of the event. The Minister opened his speech by welcoming all of the delegations and guests in attendance, and expressing his excitement to be a part of such a significant gathering.

Session Speakers

πŸ•˜ 09:15 β€” 10:15
πŸ“ Main Plenary

From Now to New: The Global Investment Outlook 2025

Join a conversation with global leaders on the investment outlook for the coming years and the opportunities as industries and regions respond to technological, economic, behavioral and demographic shifts.

πŸ•˜ 10:30 β€” 11:30
πŸ“ Main Plenary

The Metaverse: The next big Thing for investors?

For many the Metaverse is more than the future of the internet and gaming: It has the potential to reshape digital goods and services and to become the new backbone of core business and customer applications. Who and what will shape the emergence of the Metaverse? How might you turn the Metaverse into an enterprise platform? What do investors need to consider before investing in what could be the next big thing, or just a new toy?

πŸ•˜ 10:30 β€” 11:30
πŸ“ Hall 2020

Abu Dhabi – Your Next Stop for Business Expansion

A young nation that just turned 50, the UAE is emerging from the COVID pandemic more rapidly and vibrantly than other economies. The government and other stakeholders are committed to supporting a diversified, forward-looking economy and to strengthening its positioning as a global investment and innovation hub. What are the opportunities for businesses and investors? What are the UAE's most vibrant industry sectors and large-scale projects promising financial returns? How can the UAE serve as a platform for international investment?

πŸ•˜ 11:30 β€” 12:00
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

Future 3.5 Dialogues: India

Join a conversation with Larry Fink and H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak on the principles that will reshape global investment over the next decade.

πŸ•˜ 11:30 β€” 12:00
πŸ“ Hall 2020

Future 3.5 Dialogues: Kazakhstan

With a multi-speed post-COVID recovery underway, what are some of the risks that investors will see in emerging markets? How might the current inflation surge and potential interest rate rise impact financial stability in emerging markets? What new opportunities have emerged from the pandemic in emerging markets?

πŸ•˜ 11:30 β€” 12:15
πŸ“ Panel hosted by Invest in Sharjah, Dubai Municipality Hall

Investment Opportunities in Sharjah

Globalization is moving into a new era. While cross-border digital flows are set to grow exponentially, the world is also becoming more multipolar, and the engines of growth more diverse. Geopolitical competition is playing an ever-greater role across industries, affecting trade and global cooperation on standards and operating licenses. How might these forces impact investors and markets? Which sectors are most exposed, and what signals should investors watch?

πŸ•˜ 12:15 β€” 12:45
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

The UAE Investment Outlook: 50 Years Ahead

AI is already accelerating science and health solutions, predicting protein folds critical to programming DNA and speeding up medical imagery analysis to detect disease. Health systems are ripe for a rethink driven by digitalization, new tools, and new disease prevention and treatment approaches. What are the most promising technologies and viable investment opportunities in the sector?

πŸ•˜ 12:45 β€” 13:15
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

The Long View: Lessons from Investment Leaders

Sharjah has a supportive business environment, solid connectivity, infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial mindset that presents investors with plentiful growth opportunities. This session will focus on the promising investment opportunities in the emerging sectors that are shaping the emirate’s future development strategy.

πŸ•˜ 16:45 β€” 17:30
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

Emerging Markets: From Frontier to Future?

The global demographic shifts underway hold the potential to both rapidly expand the opportunities for investment and returns: From the inclusion of underserved groups across the increasingly young and female purchasing power in emerging markets to more and more women founders and investors. How can investors capitalize on these trends? Which sectors and regions are auspicious?

πŸ•˜ 10:30 β€” 11:30
πŸ“ Dubai Municipality Hall

De- or Re-Globalization? Investing in a Multi-Polar World

The global luxury goods market is expected to grow at more than 5% CAGR over the next three years, with the largest segment being luxury fashion. As such, the sector is intrinsically linked with creativity and new visions of the future. What developments are going to shape investment in these sectors in the future? How might creativity form a competitive edge in the future economy?

πŸ•˜ 16:10 β€” 16:40
πŸ“ TRDA Hall

From Healthcare to Healthtech

Ultra-high-speed AI trading and blockchain technologies, but also rising cybersecurity risks and unconventional financial services platforms, are pushing blue chip banks to make considerable investments in the next generation of fintech. What are the most forward-looking technologies the industry should watch? What regulatory shifts do investors need to prepare for? How sustainable is the boom in the NFT market, and to what extent is the emergence of the Central Bank Digital Currency evidence to long-term asset shifts?

πŸ•˜ 14:15 β€” 15:15
πŸ“ Dubai Municipality Hall

Investing in Half the Sky: Tapping into Women Consumer and Investor Markets

Dietary changes, concerns about food security and novel technologies are reconfiguring agrifood systems. From the use of blockchain for crop inventories, contracts and improved traceability to animal protein alternatives and new farming techniques, opportunities are opening up in new products and markets. What are the most promising technologies and viable investment opportunities in the sector?

πŸ•˜ 14:15 β€” 15:15
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

Not a Luxury: Investing in the Creative Industries

The investor community is not short of global challenges to impact with its investment strategies: From climate change and energy transition to social outcomes and governance standards, regulators and lenders are increasingly integrating ESG into financial reporting requirements. However, returns on ESG investment often remain lackluster. Where do potential high returns opportunities lie? What are the latest trends shaping sustainable finance and green investing? How might they drive the long-term transformation of whole industry sectors?

πŸ•˜ 15:30 β€” 16:30
πŸ“ Dubai Municipality Hall

Decrypting the Future of Fintech and Digital Assets

The application of the circular economy entails diverse opportunities and significant positive variables that can be reflected in the development of the business environment, attracting foreign direct investment in new technology, generating economic prospects, enhancing competitiveness, and sustainable economic growth in the UAE. Circular Economy is one of the pillars of the recent economic model derived from the principles and objectives of the fifty with the objective that the UAE achieves a leap in Circular Economy, not only at the regional & global levels.

πŸ•˜ 15:30 β€” 16:00
πŸ“ TRDA Hall

From Agriculture to Agritech

Abu Dhabi is a proven expansion ground and a gateway to the world’s fastest growing economies. It has recognizably nurtured a supportive business environment, unparalleled connectivity and infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial mindset that presents investors with plentiful growth opportunities. This session will showcase the priority sectors, highlight their role in the growth of Abu Dhabi, and communicate the support, incentives and initiatives available to investors within the respective sectors.

πŸ•˜ 15:30 β€” 16:30
πŸ“ DEWA Hall

Sustainable Finance Driving Global Transformation

Consumer adoption of fintech has grown rapidly over the past few years and is only expected to increase as technology and services evolve further. Beyond classical financial services, tech start-ups from the MENA region reshape crypto and NFT markets all the way to eCommerce solutions for SMEs. What can investors learn from some of the region's most promising (fin)tech ventures? What market developments do they need to apprehend and might be able to bank on?

πŸ•˜ 14:15 β€” 15:15
πŸ“ TDRA hall

From Linearity to Circularity: Moving to Sustainability-focused Economic Governance

Within the first few months of the last year, four new unicorns emerged in Africa, and, on average, it took them less than four years to reach a USD 1b valuation. Overall, the start-up scene of the continent is accelerating and particularly active in the (fin)tech sector. How are the founders and their ventures transforming financial services, online marketplaces, and supply chains? What do investors need to know about this vibrant market?

πŸ•˜ 14:15 β€” 15:45
πŸ“ Hall 2020

Inside a Continent Taking-off: Meet the Founders of top African Ventures

The Future 3.5 Billion dialogues will provide participants with exclusive insights into the latest market developments, economic reforms, and investment opportunities in various markets and regions, from Africa to Asia and Eurasia. This session will focus on the future of India’s economy and its evolving investment landscape.

πŸ•˜ 15:45 β€” 16:45
πŸ“ Hall 2020

Inside a Region Reshaping Fintech: Meet the Founders of top Middle Eastern Ventures

The Future 3.5 Billion dialogues will provide participants exclusive insights into the latest market developments, economic reforms, and investment opportunities in various markets and regions, from Africa to Asia and Eurasia. This session will focus on the future of Kazakhstan’s economy and its evolving investment landscape.



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