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Posted on Feb 18, 2023


The Welcome Address of the Pre World Government Summit 2022 was delivered by H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, UAE. The summit will explore the agenda of the next generation of governments, with a focus on harnessing innovation and technology to solve universal challenges.

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H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri

H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri

Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates

Your excellencies, partners, and friends. Welcome to the United Arab Emirates. Welcome to Expo 2020. Welcome to the inaugural Investopia Summit. It's an ultimate honor to be on the stage amongst you all, leading investors, government officials, social entrepreneurs, talents from across the globe. Welcome dear friends.. In between the wise words of his highness, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan founding father of the UAE, there is a quote that mirrors the world essence.

Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from what we are accustomed. It is essential that we have prepared ourselves and our children for that new world. With pride and honor. We echo the same sentiment today. Thank you all for being part of our Investopia sessions. To create a new ecosystem together where partnerships from around the world are born and laid down the foundation of responsible and sustainable future economies for the new world.

It is ultimate honor for Investopia to be the economic contributor at the world government summit that now more than ever will foresight and design the future of post pandemic era in different domains as well as the world beyond the fourth industrial revolution. It's our honor be at Expo 2020 where the world has come together over the past six months to witness a greatest showcase of human brilliance and achievement difference from the UAE and the world.

I stand here, humbled and delighted to start a global discussion from our home country, the UAE, to work together in driving global investments, generate growth, accelerate innovation, and most importantly. contribute to the prosperity of future generations. Thank you all for joining forces and realizing Investopia's vision to establish a dynamic business ecosystem where today's economies grow and tomorrow's are born.

Thank you for coming together to mark a new beginning. The partners, we are just recovering from the pandemic. We are witnessing an era of economic change. I take a quote from his highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He said from crisis emerge people that demand to succeed. This is exactly what we're here today. As the investment world is in the hunt for returns, as a multiple new growth hubs are emerging across different sectors and geographies, we are here to succeed simply because the future lies in the global investment community. To work together as one. Investopia is a global initiative that will launch and sponsor activities in different geographies. To take its message forward and promote investments in the future sectors. In emerging markets, Investopia will present at all key international gatherings because Investopia was born to be a global dialogue.

Today's summit is the beginning of the defining future, and the future lies in the areas that will certainly shape the economies of tomorrow. The shifting global geoeconomic landscape where here to explore how global growth hubs are shift. How globalization is changing and what it means for cross-border investments.

We're shedding the light to opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic in emerging markets, the search for sustainable alpha. We're here to look at an environmental, social, governance opportunities, but also to tap into on underserved groups and impact investing the future technologies in vital sectors.

Were here to explore applications of AI, quantum, the Metaverse, FinTech, digital assets and currencies. We're here to discuss investments in food system from agriculture to agritech, the shifts from healthcare to health tech. The global demographic shifts on the way hold the potential to both rapidly expand the opportunities for investments and returns from the inclusion of underserved groups across increasingly young and female purchasing power in emerging markets to more and woman founders, and investors, how can investors capitalize on all these trends? The future, 3.5 billion dialogues we're gonna have today is gonna engage with participants with inclusive insights into latest markets developments, economic reforms and investments, opportunities in various markets and regions. From Eurasia to Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Latin America.

Dear Investopia participants, We're here to discuss investment opportunities, incentives, and facilities in various countries of the world to allow the governments to present their development projects, opportunities, facilities to investors, and the legislative environment which regulates investments in the market.

We are also here to support the national economic priorities and investments attraction program with an ambitious goal to strengthen the flow of inward investments and attract 550 billion worth of FDI into the UAE over the next nine years. At the same time, we're here to invest and support globally.

I proudly say that the UAE outflow investment till date has reached 830 billion Dirhams in the last decade

Dear friends, I welcome you all to the inaugural and vestia. I welcome you to the Global Investment Togetherness. I welcome you to the work as one for the future economy and prosperity of the generations to come.

Welcome and thank you very much.

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