Published February 19, 2023

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Future 3.5 Dialogue: India

The Future 3.5 Billion dialogues will provide participants with exclusive insights into latest market developments, economic reforms and investment opportunities in various markets and regions, from Africa to Asia and Eurasia. This session focused on the future of India’s economy and its evolving investment landscape.

Session Speakers: 

Prakash Hinduja

Prakash Hinduja

Chairman, Hinduja Group Europe

Prashant Pitti

Prashant Pitti

Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip


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Key Takeaways

  • The Indian economy is showing positive growth despite the impact of the pandemic, with specific sectors such as healthcare and vaccines performing well.
  • India's human capital is recognized worldwide, making it a trusted country for investment.
  • The last few years have seen intense socioeconomic reforms in India, with more individuals investing in a regulated manner.
  • Indian exports have grown, and the country has witnessed encouraging exports in many parts of the world, especially in Africa.
  • Creative regional investments and cooperation are needed to link countries and establish a sustainable future.
  • India faces challenges regarding interest rates and corporate governance, which must be addressed to establish the country as an economic superpower.
  • Sustainability needs to be ingrained in the country's economy and companies, and Indian entrepreneurs need to adopt sustainability in the pre-planning phase of their businesses.

Future 3.5 Dialogue: India was the focus of a recent roundtable discussion at the Investopia 2022 Inaugural Summit. The speakers, Prashant Pitti, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, and Prakash Hinduja, Chairman of Hinduja Group Europe, discussed the evolving investment landscape of India and its economic future.

Prakash Hinduja expressed confidence in India’s growing economy, citing the country’s resilience during the pandemic and success in specific sectors such as healthcare and vaccines. He also emphasized India’s human capital, which is recognized worldwide and attracts foreign investors.

On the other hand, Prashant Pitti acknowledged the volatility of the Indian economy but stressed that the country had been positively evolving since the major socio-economic reforms in the 1990s. He also noted the increasing trend of individuals investing in a regulated manner and urged people to include the volatility factor in their daily life and processes.

The panel also discussed the challenges faced by India, particularly in terms of interest rates and the type of money that has flowed into financial markets, which have altered commodity prices and market valuations. Corporate governance was also highlighted as an issue that needs to be addressed, as it is a problem in most entities worldwide.

The speakers also identified Africa as a key continent for investments and assets. Prakash Hinduja proposed a new UAE/India/Africa cooperation to connect the three territories and mutually invest in each other. The UAE is a gateway to Africa for numerous countries, including India.

Regarding sustainability, Prakash Hinduja emphasized the need to bring missing technologies to India for the country’s needs. He also stressed that investments must go beyond asset tokenization for a more sustainable future. On the other hand, Prashant Pitti called for sustainability to be engrained into the country’s economy and companies, with Indian entrepreneurs adopting sustainability in the pre-planning phase of their businesses.

In conclusion, the roundtable provided valuable insights into the evolving investment landscape of India and the need for a more sustainable future. The challenges and opportunities discussed are essential for investors exploring the Indian market and its potential.

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