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Investopia works with experts and partners to provide valuable and actionable knowledge for leaders and investors on how to approach new economies.

Our team and partners have vast knowledge and experience on identifying and capitalizing on new investment opportunities and navigating different markets and regulatory environments. We deliver this knowledge through our events, publications, and consulting services, helping leaders and investors make informed decisions and succeed in new economies.

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▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

The Long View: Lessons from Investment Leaders

The Long View: Lessons from Investment Leaders,' a session held on the Pre #WorldGovSummit 2022 Larry Fink, CEO, Blackrock H.E. Khaldoon Mubarak, CEO, Mubadala Moderated by John Defterios

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

From Now to New: The Global Investment Outlook 2025

During a session, H.E. Spirydon-Adonis Georgiadis, H.E. Rebeca Grynspan, Anthony Scaramucci, and Becky Anderson share their insights and expectations on the Global Investment Outlook 2025

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Investment Opportunities in Sharjah

Highlighting future endeavours and opportunities in the UAE, the Pre #WorldGovSummit hosted a session titled 'Investment Opportunities in Sharjah' as part of the first-ever 'Investopia Forum'

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

De- or Re-Globalization? Investing in a Multi-polar World

De- or Re-Globalization? In this session, moderated by Martyn Davies, H.E. Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Roberto Hoornweg, and Janet Henry answer questions about investing in a multi-polar world

▶️ Video - Feb 2023 -

Welcome Address

The Welcome Address of the Pre World Government Summit 2022 was delivered by H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, UAE. The summit will explore the agenda of the next generation of governments, with a focus on harnessing innovation and technology to solve universal challenges

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Explore reports by our knowledge partners addressing modern socio-economic challenges and opportunities in new economies
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Discussion Summaries

Read session summaries from recent Investopia flagship and satellite events
📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Building a Resilient and Impactful Business: Lessons from Seafood Souq

In this session, Fahim Al Qasimi, Co-Founder and Chairperson of Seafood Souq, discusses the challenges and mission of his sustainable seafood sourcing company.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Entrepreneurial Solutions to the Challenges of Sustainable Food Production: Insights from RedSea CEO

In this session titled "Success Stories in Entrepreneurship: RedSea," Ryan Lefers, a scientist turned CEO, discusses how their nanotechnology can extend growing seasons and reduce water expenditure in harsh climates.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Exploring the Intersection of Quantum Computing and AI: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, "Quantum Leap: Transforming Industry through Quantum Computing and AI", speakers discuss the potential of quantum computing and AI to revolutionize industries.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Beyond Boundaries: Bermuda and UAE's Shared Vision for Innovation and Growth

In this session, the Premier of Bermuda, The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, emphasizes Bermuda's commitment to a long-lasting friendship with the UAE, highlighting commonalities and opportunities for growth and innovation.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Breaking Barriers: Investing in Female-Led Businesses

In this session, female venture capitalists and investors discuss why investing in women-led businesses is a smart decision, and how to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs.

📝 Summary - Mar 2023 -

Abu Dhabi Leaders Discuss Building a Collaborative Falcon Economy

​​​​In this session, Abu Dhabi economic leaders discuss the vision for a "Falcon Economy" and emphasize the importance of collaboration, diversification, and long-term thinking.

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