Published May 10, 2024

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Investopia Europe 2nd Edition: Opening Remarks

Investopia Europe convenes with a surge of energy and purpose, widening its scope to encompass Italy, Cyprus, Malta, and Portugal. With over 50 speakers, including six ministers, and an audience of 700 participants, the event serves as a platform for exploring business and investment opportunities.

Session Speakers: 

Dr. Jean Fares

Dr. Jean Fares

CEO of Investopia

H.E. Attilio Fontana

H.E. Attilio Fontana

President of Lombardy Region, Italy

H.E. Luigi di Maio

H.E. Luigi di Maio

EU Representative in the GCC

Prof. Giovanni Bozzetti

Prof. Giovanni Bozzetti

Chairman of EFG Consulting


Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration and unity are paramount in navigating complex global challenges.
  • Green growth lies at the intersection of economic and social sustainability.
  • Dialogue between public and private sectors is essential for driving investment and fostering economic progress.
  • Sustainability must be prioritized in policymaking to ensure long-term prosperity.
  • Multilateral events serve as catalysts for business development and international cooperation.

Investopia Europe, an esteemed platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration in the realm of investment and business, kicked off its second edition with a surge of energy and purpose. The event, spearheaded by Prof. Giovanni Bozzetti, Chairman of EFG Consulting, marks a significant expansion of its scope, encompassing not just Italy but also Cyprus, Malta, and Portugal. Boasting over 50 speakers, including six ministers, and drawing in a diverse audience of 700 participants, Investopia Europe serves as a hub for those seeking to explore and seize upon burgeoning business and investment opportunities.

At the core of Investopia’s mission lies the fusion of economic sustainability with social responsibility, epitomized by its commitment to fostering green growth. Prof. Bozzetti emphasized the importance of collaboration and unity in facing challenges, underscoring the value of human relationships as the bedrock upon which successful business endeavors are built.

Dr. Jean Fares, CEO of Investopia, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the pivotal role Investopia plays in navigating the evolving landscape of global investment amidst trade tensions and technological advancements. The event, with its focus on facilitating the flow of capital across various sectors, serves as a catalyst for shaping the economies of tomorrow through innovative partnerships and impactful initiatives.

Italy, a central figure in the financial markets, serves as a strategic hub for Investopia’s endeavors, with initiatives extending from Milan to Abu Dhabi. The collaboration between government entities, private sectors, and international partners underscores Investopia’s commitment to driving economic progress on a global scale.

In the words of H.E. Luigi di Maio, EU Representative in the GCC, Investopia Europe serves as a platform for dialogue between European and Gulf economies, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of their strategic partnership. Discussions encompass not only economic ties but also the imperative of addressing geopolitical challenges and fostering stability in the region.

H.E. Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy Region, highlighted the attractiveness of the Lombardy region for investors, citing recent economic surveys that underscore its appeal as a destination for investment. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability in policymaking, Fontana underscored Lombardy’s commitment to finding a balance between environmental conservation and economic development.

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