Published January 31, 2024

2 minute read

UAE – UK Strategic Partnership for the Future in Supporting Economic Growth

This session centered on the strategic partnership between the UAE and the UK, highlighting the role of the UK Office for Investment and Mubadala Investment Company in fostering economic growth. The discussion revolved around the successful implementation of the SIP, the challenges encountered, and the optimistic outlook for future collaborations in various sectors, including technology and green energy. The session underscored the mutual benefits of this partnership and its potential to drive significant economic advancements in both countries.

Session Speakers: 

Dr. Jean Fares

Dr. Jean Fares

CEO of Investopia

Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Senior Investment Partner, UK Office for Investment

Mohammed Alhuraimel Alshamsi

Mohammed Alhuraimel Alshamsi

Head of UK Investment Programme, Mubadala Investment Company


Key Takeaways

  • The UAE-UK Strategic Investment Partnership (SIP) emphasizes investments in key sectors including life sciences, technology, energy transition, and infrastructure, aiming for a £10 billion investment over 5 years.
  • Established in 2020, the UK Office for Investment facilitates significant strategic investments and makes the UK attractive for investors by coordinating government efforts and policies.
  • Mubadala, with assets under management of approximately £276 billion, focuses on sustainable returns and has made significant investments in the UK, including in life sciences, technology, green energy, and infrastructure.
  • While managing challenges like the pandemic and inflation, the SIP has already surpassed its five-year target in just two years, signaling strong investment opportunities in the UK.
  • The SIP is seen as a unique template for future investments, focusing on long-term strategic partnerships, transparency, and predictability.

At the inaugural session of the 2024 Investopia Global Talks, key figures from the UK Office for Investment and Mubadala Investment Company gathered to discuss their strategic partnership, which is proving to be a significant driver of economic growth in both the UAE and the UK.

Dr. Jean Fares, CEO of Investopia, opened the session, emphasizing the critical role of financial services in economic growth. He expressed gratitude to partners and sponsors for their support in organizing the event, highlighting the session’s importance with its impressive lineup of speakers and engaged audience.

Mark Cooper, Senior Investment Partner at the UK Office for Investment, detailed the office’s formation in 2020 and its pivotal role in attracting strategic investments. The office was established to bridge gaps in government and to streamline significant strategic investments, combining civil service approaches with investment expertise to enhance the UK’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

Mohammed Alhuaimel Alshamsi, Head of the UK Investment Programme at Mubadala Investment Company, highlighted Mubadala’s strategic investments in the UK. Focusing on sectors like life sciences, technology, energy transition, and infrastructure, Mubadala aims for a £10 billion investment over five years. Alshamsi underscored the significance of these investments, reflecting on the company’s commitment to sustainable and long-term returns.

The session also delved into Mubadala’s successful investments in various sectors. Alshamsi emphasized the UK’s leading position in green energy, particularly in offshore wind projects, and highlighted notable infrastructure investments. These ventures exemplify the mutual benefits of the strategic partnership.

Alshamsi addressed the challenges faced during the partnership, particularly the global pandemic and inflation, acknowledging the resilience and adaptability of the collaboration in navigating these difficulties.

In conclusion, both speakers reflected on the unique nature of the UAE-UK partnership. Cooper emphasized the importance of understanding investor sentiment and facilitating strategic, long-term investments. Alshamsi expressed optimism about the future, envisioning deeper collaboration in innovative sectors like AI and cybersecurity.

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