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Published February 28, 2024

2 minute read

Investment in Sports: Tapping into the Thriving Market

This conversation delved into various facets of sports investments, including comprehensive strategies for success, emerging global growth prospects, the pivotal role of technology in amplifying fan engagement, and highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships in fostering innovation and sustained growth.

Session Speakers: 

Giorgio Furlani

Giorgio Furlani

CEO of AC Milan

Nathalie Mamo

Nathalie Mamo

Sports News Anchor

Tom Corbett

Tom Corbett

Group Head of Sponsorship and Media at Barclays


Key Takeaways

  • Success in sports investments hinges on a comprehensive approach encompassing sustainability, financial stability, and social impact, emphasizing long-term viability and community engagement.
  • Emerging markets like the Middle East and America present lucrative opportunities for international expansion, offering untapped growth potential when coupled with innovative strategies and partnerships.
  • Integrating technology is vital for enhancing fan experiences and expanding audience reach, leveraging digital platforms and immersive technologies to foster deeper engagement and drive revenue growth.
  • Collaborative ventures and strategic alliances serve as catalysts for innovation and growth, unlocking synergies, amplifying impact, and navigating the evolving dynamics of the sports investment landscape effectively.

Sports leaders joined Investopia 2024 to share their insights on the dynamics of investing in sports, highlighting strategies, trends, and opportunities in the field. Giorgio Furlani, CEO of AC Milan, and Tom Corbett, Group Head of Sponsorship and Media at Barclays, provided valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of sports investments.

Furlani reflected on his journey from investor to CEO, outlining the challenges and triumphs of revitalizing AC Milan. He emphasized the club’s focus on sustainability, financial stability, and social impact as key drivers of success in the industry.

Also, Corbett underscored the significance of leveraging the power and passion of sports fans to engage a global audience. He highlighted Barclays’ innovative partnerships aimed at fostering social engagement and inclusivity, particularly through support for women’s sports.

In dissecting investment trends, factors like scale, governance, liquidity needs, and regulatory reforms were pinpointed as catalysts propelling the acquisition of clubs and leagues. An optimistic outlook on the industry’s growth trajectory anticipated sustained interest from investors, buoyed by the unparalleled engagement sports offer.

The pivotal role of harnessing the passion of sports enthusiasts to engage a global audience was highlighted. Innovative partnerships, particularly in championing women’s sports, underscored the commitment to fostering inclusivity and social engagement.

Panelists further emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced portfolio and leveraging technology to enhance fan experiences and reach broader audiences. They highlighted opportunities for international growth, particularly in regions like the Middle East and America.

Looking ahead, Furlani expressed optimism about AC Milan’s future, citing plans for a new stadium and strategic partnerships with investors like the New York Yankees, where Corbett echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the role of technology and societal engagement in shaping the future of sports investments.

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