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Investopia Global Talks – UK

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summaries - Jan 2024 -

UAE – UK Strategic Partnership for the Future in Supporting Economic Growth

This session centered on the strategic partnership between the UAE and the UK, highlighting the role of the UK Office for Investment and Mubadala Investment Company in fostering economic growth. The discussion revolved around the successful implementation of the SIP, the challenges encountered, and the optimistic outlook for future collaborations in various sectors, including technology and green energy. The session underscored the mutual benefits of this partnership and its potential to drive significant economic advancements in both countries.
summaries - Jan 2024 -

Welcome Address – Investopia Global Talks – UK

At the recent Investopia Global Talks in the UK, key figures from the UK and UAE financial sectors gathered to discuss the strengthening relationship between the two nations and their joint efforts towards sustainable economic growth.
summaries - Jan 2024 -

Role of Public and Private Markets in Supporting Economic Growth: What are the Current Connections between UK and UAE Markets and how can they be Enhanced to Support Growth?

In this session, industry experts convened to explore the crucial role of public and private markets in bolstering economic growth. The discussion revolved around the current state of connections between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates markets and the strategies for further strengthening these ties to support growth.
summaries - Jan 2024 -

Fintech and Open Banking: How is Innovation Impacting the Sector and What Opportunities Does That Present for Closer UK/UAE Collaboration?

The session delved into the transformative potential of fintech and open banking in cross-border trade and finance. The key takeaways emphasized the power of data-driven solutions, the significance of global standards, and the need to navigate cross-border challenges through regulatory cooperation. Additionally, the discussion highlighted the immense opportunity in serving SMEs, the shift towards B2B models, and the innovative potential of regulatory changes. Collaborative efforts between regions, like the UK and UAE, were also highlighted as a means to facilitate fintech expansion into new markets and provide inclusive financial services.
summaries - Jan 2024 -

Green Growth: Unlocking sustainability opportunities for the financial services sector

This session focused on integrating sustainability into financial services, emphasizing the digitization of carbon credit markets, strategic financial commitments, and the importance of regulatory frameworks for ESG. Key discussions also covered the integration of climate risk into risk management, the need for improved data quality, and the role of collaboration and harmonization in advancing sustainable finance.
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