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Investopia 2023

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summaries - Mar 2023 -

UAE’s Resilience and Sustainability (Investopia 2023 Opening Session)

Investopia 2023's opening session featured discussions on the UAE's resilience, agile response to the pandemic, and commitment to international collaboration and sustainability. The event promises to provide unique opportunities for investors to explore new insights and investment trends in new economies.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

UAE’s Investment Priorities (Intervention by H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak)

This session at Investopia 2023, featuring H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak, explored H.E.’s emphasis on the UAE's investment priorities, including fostering collaboration, sustainability, and creating opportunities for global talent.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Abu Dhabi: Rising as a Leading Global City

Abu Dhabi Chairman H.E Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi shares how AD is emerging as a leading city with economic diversification, growth in non-oil sectors, and a focus on sustainability.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Uncovering South-South Investments in Emerging Markets with IFC

In the "Uncovering the Potential of South-South Investments in Emerging Markets" session, industry leaders discuss driving capital to emerging markets through South-South investments.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Global Real Estate & Private Equity: Investing in an Evolving Landscape

In this session, Margaret Anadu, Michael Campbell, Ryan Williams, and Erik Kaas discuss the future of the global real estate and private equity investments.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

The Future of Fintech: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, "Fintech Revolution," speakers Eric Anziani, H.E. Sameh Al Qubaisi, Chika Uwazie, and Jamie Thomson discuss how blockchain and fintech are shaping the future of finance, including stablecoins, NFTs, and tokenization.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

The Art of VC Investment: Lessons Learned from Top Investors and Entrepreneurs

In this session, Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi hosts a panel on competing for VC capital featuring David Giampaolo, Vasudev Bailey, and Lachlan Hughes. The speakers discuss lessons learned and opportunities for growth in the VC ecosystem.
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