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summaries - Feb 2023 -

Emerging Markets: From Frontiers to Frontline?

With a multi-speed post-COVID recovery underway, what are some of the risks that investors will see in emerging markets? How might the current inflation surge and potential interest rate raises impact financial stability in emerging markets? What new opportunities have emerged from the pandemic in emerging markets?
summaries - Feb 2023 -

Abu Dhabi – Your Next Stop for Business Expansion

Abu Dhabi is a proven expansion ground and a gateway to the world’s fastest-growing economies. It has recognizably nurtured a supportive business environment, unparalleled connectivity and infrastructure and an entrepreneurial mindset that presents investors with plentiful growth opportunities. This session showcased the priority sectors and highlight the role they are playing in the growth of Abu Dhabi and communicate the support, incentives and initiatives available to investors within the respective sectors.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Building Sustainable Economies: Exploring the Role of Finance in Economic Development

In this session, experts discuss the importance of sustainable finance and economic diversification in the GCC region for long-term growth and prosperity.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Abu Dhabi Leaders Discuss Building a Collaborative Falcon Economy

​​​​In this session, Abu Dhabi economic leaders discuss the vision for a "Falcon Economy" and emphasize the importance of collaboration, diversification, and long-term thinking.
summaries - Feb 2024 -

Generative AI redefining the Investment Ecosystem

This panel discussion covered the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in investment strategies, with a focus on the importance of data quality and continuous innovation. Discussions were centered around how macroeconomic insights can enhance decision-making while emphasizing collaboration for successful AI integration.
summaries - Feb 2024 -

Family Wealth 2.0: Redefining Investment Strategies  

This session delved into the evolving strategies of family offices amidst a changing investment landscape. Discussions highlighted the growing importance of alternative assets, personalized investment approaches, and the institutionalization of family wealth management. Key themes included the shift towards diversified asset allocation, the impact of technology on investment strategies, and the need for a paradigm shift in mindset to navigate the complexities of modern wealth management successfully.
summaries - May 2024 -

Tourism as a Driver for Economical Growth and Global Stability

Italy's tourism sector, a vital component of its economy, is poised for a resilient comeback post-pandemic. In a recent session, H.E. Daniela Santanchè outlined the path to recovery, emphasizing sustainability, diversification, and investment in infrastructure and education as key pillars.
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