Published February 29, 2024

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Live Long and Prosper: Investing in Longevity, Wellness and Healthcare

In a dynamic panel discussion, industry leaders explored the often-overlooked sectors of longevity and wellness in investment. Speakers highlighted the immense market potential, driven by demographic shifts and social momentum. Emphasizing the Middle East's conducive regulatory environment, they discussed the region's role in fostering innovation.

Session Speakers: 

Aaron Weaver

Aaron Weaver

Senior Partner and Director MENA at Apeiron Investments

Gabrielle Rubenstein

Gabrielle Rubenstein

Hala Bou Alwan

Hala Bou Alwan

Lawyer, Financial Crimes Expert & Media personality

Shahrukh Hashmi

Shahrukh Hashmi

Director of Research at Department of Health, Abu Dhabi


Key Takeaways

  • The longevity and wellness market presents significant investment opportunities, driven by demographic shifts and increasing social momentum.
  • The Middle East offers a conducive regulatory environment and collaborative ecosystem for innovation in healthcare and wellness.
  • Challenges include technical hurdles, understanding consumer markets, and regulatory complexities, but there's optimism about overcoming these obstacles.
  • Investors can expect both financial returns and the satisfaction of contributing to broader community health and well-being.

In a panel discussion bringing together industry experts to Investopia, the focus was on the often overlooked but critical sectors of longevity and wellness in the investment landscape. 

Despite their significance, these areas often don’t receive the attention they deserve, with investors sometimes failing to recognize their potential. The conversation shed light on the attractive markets, shifts in thinking, and the challenges facing investment in these sectors.

Aaron Weaver, Senior Partner and Director MENA of Apeiron Investments emphasized the immense size of the longevity market, which is projected to reach $5.3 trillion with a 5.5% CAGR. 

The demographic shift towards an aging population and the growing mental health crisis underscores the urgent need for investment in solutions that promote wellness and extend lifespan. Additionally, the social momentum behind longevity and wellness is evident, with a surge in interest reflected in podcast popularity and increased literature within the sector.

Gabrielle Rubenstein, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Manna Tree highlighted the importance of focusing on growth-stage companies that can make meaningful contributions to healthcare and wellness. 

Shahrukh Hashmi, Director of Research at the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi emphasized the lucrative opportunities present in the Middle East for investors, citing the region’s conducive regulatory environment and commitment to fostering innovation in healthcare. 

He emphasized the importance of collaboration between government and regulators in shaping policies that prioritize consumer health and well-being.

The panel further addressed the challenges facing the sector, including technical hurdles, understanding consumer markets, and regulatory complexities. However, experts expressed optimism about the potential for the Middle East to lead in addressing these challenges and driving innovation in healthcare and wellness.

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