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Published February 28, 2024

2 minute read

Capital Shifts: From Old Titans to Emerging Titans

This discussion delved into the evolving landscape of global financial centers, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a rising force. Experts highlighted the UAE's economic resilience and diversification efforts, its potential to become a leading hub for offshore Chinese currency transactions, and its commitment to sustainable finance. The session further underscored the UAE's strategic positioning and regulatory environment as key factors in its burgeoning role in areas such as AI and digital assets.

Session Speakers: 

Jerry Zang

Jerry Zang

Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered China

Manuel Falco

Manuel Falco

Vice Chairman of Client and Banking, and Head of Senior Client Coverage at Citi

Martin Tricaud

Martin Tricaud

Group Head of Investment Banking at First Abu Dhabi Bank

Maurice Button

Maurice Button

CEO of City Week


Key Takeaways

  • The UAE's strategic geographic positioning drives robust economic growth amidst global shifts in financial centers.
  • Embracing sustainable finance initiatives solidifies the UAE's role as a forward-thinking player in the global financial ecosystem.
  • Favorable regulatory structures position the UAE as a regional champion in facilitating advancements in AI and digital assets.

On day 1 of Investopia, financial leaders came together to explore the shifting dynamics of global economic gravity and the emergence of new financial centers. The session, which delved deep into the transformations from traditional titans to rising powers, highlighted the United Arab Emirates as a standout player amidst this evolution.

Joining the discussion, Martin Tricaud, Group Head of Investment Banking, First Abu Dhabi Bank, emphasized the UAE’s remarkable economic growth, attributing it to favorable factors such as stable oil prices and strategic geographic positioning. He underscored the nation’s concerted efforts to diversify its economy away from oil and gas, focusing on sectors like tourism and aviation. 

In addition, the UAE’s proximity to booming markets like India has further fueled its growth trajectory.

Manuel Falco, Vice Chairman of Client and Banking, and Head of Senior Client Coverage, Citi echoed Martin’s sentiments, noting the UAE’s potential as a financial hub despite ranking 35th globally. He identified India, Brazil, and the UAE as the top emerging markets, with the latter holding a golden opportunity for future growth, especially in attracting international issuers.

Jerry Zang, CEO, Standard Chartered China highlighted the growing significance of the Chinese currency, the renminbi, in global trade and advocated for the UAE to leverage its strategic position as a trade capital and a mobility hub for the Middle East.

Moreover, the panelists discussed the UAE’s strides in sustainable finance, particularly following its successful hosting of COP28; applauding the nation’s commitment to gradual energy transition and highlighting initiatives like the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority – ADIA aimed at financing renewable energy projects.

Regarding AI and digital assets, the UAE was positioned as a regional champion, with favorable regulatory structures and abundant renewable energy resources conducive to technological advancements.

In forecasting the future of financial centers, the panelists agreed on the UAE’s prominence alongside traditional powers like the US and emerging markets like India. They also highlighted Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan as significant players in the global financial landscape.

This panel shed light on the UAE’s resilience and adaptability amidst shifting economic paradigms. As the global economic center of gravity continues its gradual shift, the UAE stands poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, solidifying its position as a key player in the evolving financial ecosystem.

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