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The Future of Investment in Sports

Read article, watch sessions and explore key insights uncovered during The Future of Investment in Sports

summaries - Dec 2022 -

Investopia Summit Explores the Power of Media in Sports Business

Building a quality product is essential to monetize sports. Clubs must focus on traditional and future customers, control their narrative and engage with communities. Finding a balance between exclusivity and reach is key.
summaries - Dec 2022 -

Billionaires Take Over Football: How Money is Changing the Sport

Panel discusses financial power in sports investment, its impact on competitiveness, and regulation.
summaries - Dec 2022 -

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing the Sports Industry and Engaging Fans

Blockchain tech in sports is gaining momentum, with the potential to revolutionize the industry. Our panel discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead.
summaries - Dec 2022 -

Technology and Health: Revolutionizing Sports

Experts discuss the intersection of technology and health in sports, emphasizing the importance of community and resilience in promoting wellness.
summaries - Dec 2022 -

Game On: How Technology and Innovation are Revolutionizing the Sports Industry

Leagues and clubs are shifting towards direct engagement with fans through the use of technology.
summaries - Dec 2022 -

The World Cup of the future: How could we improve the current model?

Experts discuss concerns about World Cup format and governance at Investopia panel. Issues include player health, league revenue, and FIFA decision-making.
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