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Investopia hosts several global talks across the world to engage with leaders, investors and business leaders in powerful economic centers and discuss important topics impacting future industries in the global south.

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summaries - Mar 2023 -

Mobility Innovators Discuss Future of Aviation and Space Tourism

Speakers discuss the future of mobility, logistics, and space tourism, highlighting innovative solutions for sustainable transport and the role of regulations in facilitating this transition.
summaries - Feb 2024 -

Aviation: Reimagining the Skies

In this panel discussion, industry leaders discussed the future of aviation in the UAE, highlighting the nation's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Key insights reveal Boeing's focus on sustainable aviation fuel, the transformative potential of eVTOLs, and the importance of autonomy in ensuring safe and efficient air travel. The UAE's strategic investments and conducive environment position it as a leading hub for aviation advancement.
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