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Investment opportunities

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summaries - Feb 2023 -

The Metaverse: The Next Big Thing for Investors?

For many the Metaverse (MV) is more than the future of the internet and gaming: It has the potential to reshape digital goods and services and to become the new backbone of core business and customer applications. Who and what will shape the emergence of the Metaverse? How might you turn the Metaverse into an enterprise platform? What do investors need to consider before investing in what could be the next big thing, or just a new toy?
summaries - Feb 2023 -

Investment Opportunities in Sharjah

Sharjah has a supportive business environment, solid connectivity, infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial mindset that presents investors with plentiful growth opportunities. The session focused on the promising investment opportunities in the emerging sectors shaping the emirate’s future development strategy.
summaries - Feb 2023 -

From Agriculture to Agritech

Dietary changes, concerns about food security and novel technologies are reconfiguring agrifood systems. From the use of blockchain for crop inventories, contracts and improved traceability to animal protein alternatives and new farming techniques, opportunities are opening up in new products and markets. What are the most promising technologies and viable investment opportunities in the sector?
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Exploring the Intersection of Quantum Computing and AI: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, "Quantum Leap: Transforming Industry through Quantum Computing and AI", speakers discuss the potential of quantum computing and AI to revolutionize industries.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Global Trade in the Age of Sustainability: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, H.E. Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Chris Cox, Samaila Zubairu, and James Zhan discuss harnessing the power of global trade for investment and growth and the importance of diversification, sustainable investment, and building strategic partnerships.
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