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circular economy

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summaries - Feb 2023 -

From Linearity to Circularity: Moving to Sustainability-focused Economic Governance

The application of the circular economy entails diverse opportunities and significant positive variables that can be reflected in the development of the business environment, attracting foreign direct investment, new technology, and generating economic prospects, in a manner that enhances competitiveness and sustainable economic growth in the UAE. Circular Economy is one of the pillars of the new economic model derived from the principles and objectives of the fifty with the objective that the UAE achieves a leap in Circular Economy, not only at the regional & global level.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Mindset Shift: Collaborating for a Sustainable Future with Private, Public, and Social Sectors

In this session, industry leaders discuss sustainable practices and the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors, social enterprises and NGOs, and academia for achieving sustainability goals.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Growth Opportunities in the Decarbonization Era: Industry Leaders Discuss Challenges and Solutions

In this session, Euroclear CEO Lieve Mostrey and GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta discuss decarbonization opportunities and challenges.
summaries - Mar 2023 -

Global Trade in the Age of Sustainability: Insights from Industry Leaders

In this session, H.E. Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Chris Cox, Samaila Zubairu, and James Zhan discuss harnessing the power of global trade for investment and growth and the importance of diversification, sustainable investment, and building strategic partnerships.
summaries - Feb 2024 -

The Investopia 2024 Vision: Welcome Address

Investopia 2024, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, fosters dialogue on emerging economies. The United Arab Emirates’ progressive policies continue to attract investment. The discussion covered leveraging the strengths and sustainability initiatives of the UAE, while highlighting the nation's journey to being a thriving hub of opportunities, innovation, and inclusivity.
summaries - May 2024 -

A Mega Investment Opportunity: Sustainability and Green Growth

Explore the intersection of sustainability and economic prosperity with representatives from energy, automotive, construction, and finance sectors in a session that provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of embracing sustainability initiatives.
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