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Yasmine Karimi

Author of 19 

Hi, my name is Yasmine, I’m 20 years old, I grew up in Dubai and I’m currently a first-year Master’s student at Sciences Po Paris. I speak French, English, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew fluently. I am passionate about new technologies, especially AI and blockchain. At the age of 16, I embarked on a journey into the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, landing a position as an analyst at Nansen, a leading blockchain analytics company in the crypto space (backed by a16z, Tiger, Accel).

My involvement in the cryptocurrency sector led to a role at Spartan Capital, one of Asia’s most significant crypto and gaming funds. As an Investment Analyst, I was part of a team managing a $500 million portfolio, where I contributed to developing investment theses across various cryptocurrency projects.

Recently, I’ve co-authored ’19’, the first memoir co-written with AI, highlighting the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence. This project reflects my ongoing interest in AI as a tool that can enhance human potential and life.

As I finish my Masters studies at Sciences Po Paris, my commitment to exploring the potential of AI, blockchain technology, and their implications for future innovations remains a central focus of my academic and professional endeavors.

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