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Rami Darwish

Founder & CEO of Arrowlabs

Rami is a dynamic entrepreneur and seasoned technologist who serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arrow Labs. With two decades of dedicated experience in the technology sector, Rami has established himself as a respected figure in the industry.

Prior to launching Arrow Labs, Rami played pivotal roles in prominent global technology giants, including Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard, and Daon. During this time, he leveraged his expertise to design and implement expansive technology infrastructure solutions for diverse government initiatives. These projects encompassed citywide safety systems, cutting-edge biometric border management, airport and maritime security enhancements, as well as the optimization of police and first responder operations.

Rami’s profound understanding of digital transformation in frontline operations has significantly contributed to the success of numerous large-scale public and private organizations across MENA, Europe, and the United States.

His visionary approach to bridging the digital gap in frontline operations led him to establish Arrow Labs. Through this endeavor, he created an AI-driven platform that seamlessly connects People, Services, and Assets, facilitating efficient workflow execution.

Hailing from Jordan, Rami earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a focus on Management Information Systems from the University of Kansas, USA.

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