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Omair Ansari

CEO & Co-Founder of Abhi

Omair Ansari stands at the forefront of the financial technology revolution as the CEO and Co-founder of ABHI, an innovative embedded finance platform rapidly expanding its influence in the MENAP region. With a decade-long illustrious career in the finance industry, Ansari is a maestro of frontier markets, displaying acute acumen in equity and derivatives, impact investing, and the fintech landscape.

Before the inception of ABHI, Ansari’s journey weaved through global financial hubs, marking his legacy at Morgan Stanley, New York, as a Portfolio Manager and Investment Analyst. His strategic prowess further shone at Vostok Emerging Finance in Stockholm, Sweden, where he played a pivotal role as a Strategic Advisor, steering the company towards new heights.

Ansari’s rich tapestry of roles across Arqaam Capital, Renaissance Capital, and Religare Capital Markets plc in consultancy, directorial, and vice-presidential capacities, respectively, speaks volumes of his versatile leadership and deep market insight.

A globetrotter in the truest sense, Ansari’s career has spanned diverse markets from South Asia and Southeast Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. This extensive exposure not only fueled his passion for emerging economies but also cemented his stature as a visionary financial strategist.

Educationally grounded with a double major in finance and political science from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Ansari’s formative years in the UAE were instrumental in shaping his global perspective and cultural agility.

Omair Ansari is more than a leader; he is a trailblazer in the financial world, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and strategy to redefine the realm of embedded finance.

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