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Mohamed Abdul Rahman

Co-founder & Regional Manager at Marses Robotics

Mohamed Abdul Rahman is a Business Development & Regional Director at MARSES Robotics, his passion for robotics and its potential to transform industries shines through in everything he does.

Mohamed’s journey began in Egypt, where his insatiable curiosity about technology blossomed. His academic pursuits led him to delve into the complexities of engineering, laying the foundation for his future endeavours. Driven by a desire to create tangible solutions, he found his calling in the burgeoning field of robotics.

Joining MARSES Robotics from the beginning in 2018, Mohamed quickly rose through the ranks, driven by his strategic thinking and ability to translate innovative ideas into commercial success. As Business Development & Regional Director, he spearheads strategic partnerships, drives market expansion, and champions the adoption of MARSES’ robots across diverse industries.

Mohamed’s leadership extends beyond mere numbers. He fosters a collaborative and dynamic environment at MARSES, nurturing a team of talented engineers and developers who share his passion for robotics. He believes in creating solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also empower human potential.

Mohamed Abdul Rahman is more than just a Business Development & Regional Director; he’s a thought leader, an innovator, and a passionate advocate for robotics.

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