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Maryam Al Mansoori

Founder of Rebound

Maryam Al Mansoori is the General Manager of Rebound, a solution-oriented business envisaged to become the Global Hub for All Things Recycled Plastics by keeping plastics out of the environment and within the economy. Rebound addresses various facets of the plastic waste problem through an online trading platform, the Rebound Platform, and offers further solutions for all stakeholders within the value chain through Rebound Solutions.


Ms Al Mansoori brings a wealth of experience in government policy and strategic programmes to her role at Rebound. She has led country-level initiatives and programmes, both locally and globally, and has played a pivotal role in the development of federal projects related to policymaking and legislation. Her expertise in the fields of economics and the environment has enabled her to develop essential policies in collaboration with local stakeholders and ministries, which were subsequently presented and approved by the UAE Cabinet.


In recognition of her contributions to climate-related issues, Ms Al Mansoori had the honour of presenting to HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan during the Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations. There, she showcased an interactive platform she had designed to address food security challenges, empowering the youth to participate in decision-making processes.


Moreover, Ms Al Mansoori is deeply committed to public service and has volunteered at various government offices throughout her education. She holds a BA in Finance from the American University in Dubai and professional accreditation certificates in Public Policy Analysis from the London School of Economics, Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development from the National University of Singapore, and Strategic Policy Planning from the UK’s International Centre for Parliamentary Studies. Maryam’s diverse background and expertise render her immensely valuable to Rebound’s mission of reducing plastic waste and fostering a more sustainable future.


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