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Khalid Kalbat

Director for SME & Entrepreneurship Development at the UAE Ministry of Economy

Khalid is a seasoned professional known for his expertise in education and entrepreneurship. He currently leads the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Department at the UAE’s Ministry of Economy. His role is pivotal in developing the entrepreneurial landscape for SMEs, streamlining policies, and shaping regulations to support business growth in the UAE.


His background includes various leadership positions that reflect a strong commitment to educational development. Khalid managed the Smart Data Center and the Student Well-being Sector at the Emirates School Establishment (ESE). His work has always been at the intersection of innovation and education, previously overseeing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department and the Department of Student Skills Development at the Ministry of Education. There, he led initiatives to enhance research and innovation skills among students and teachers.


Khalid’s research acumen was honed at UAE University as a Research Assistant, where he also engaged with international research centers in the USA. His focus now is on SME policy development, fostering entrepreneurship, and integrating future technologies into future business sectors.


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