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Giuseppe Pastorelli

Senior Portfolio Manager at Azimut Investments

  • In 2002 started in Aletti Gestielle Sgr as a buy-side analyst on the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors.


  • In 2003 became portfolio manager of the Pharmatech fund (50% Pharmaceutical-50% Biotech)


  • In 2004 joined Azimut Holding Spa as a buy-side analyst within the long only equity team covering the Consumer sectors.


  • In 2006 moved to Azimut Capital Management to manage the consumer book for Aliseo hedge fund (equity long/short), managing the Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary long/short book.


  • In 2012 moved to Luxembourg to launch and manage AZ Alternative Core Brands Fund, an equity long/short strategy on Global Brands  and to manage Dividend Premium Fund, a Global Multiasset Fund (today named AZ Allocation Global Income), the European Trend Fund, a long-only strategy on European Equities.


  • In 2013 become board member of Azfund S.A. (currently named Azimutinvestments S.A.).


  • In 2017 in charge of the management of the already existing Multiasset Sustainable Equity Trend and Long-Term Value funds, both global equity long only strategies with a focus on ESG and Value factors respectively, subsequently restructured and left to other portfolio managers.


  • In 2020 become Co-head of Global Equity until 2021.


  • Since the beginning of 2020 in charge of management of 3 new thematic equity funds: Az Fund Equity Long Term Equity Opportunities, Az Fund Equity Borletti Global Lifestyle and Az Fund Equity Food&Agriculture.


  • In 2022 launched the Azimut RAIF Private Equity Borletti Investment Club, becoming a board member of Borletti Investment Club (BIC) Sarl.


  • In 2022 become one of the investment committee members of Private Escalator Fund.


  • In April 2023 in collaboration with the Alternative Investments branch of Azimutinvestments SA, has participated as part of the investment committee and portfolio manager in the development and the launch of a new alternative strategy that invests in real assets, more specifically in classic cars, supercars and hypercars named Azimut Automobile Heritage Enhancement Sca-Sicav-Raif.
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