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Francois Bourguignon

Emeritus Chair of the Paris School of Economics

François Bourguignon is emeritus professor of economics at the Paris School of Economics and a Global Professor at the New York University in Abu Dhabi. He has been the director of the Paris School from 2007 to 2013. Before that he was the chief economist and senior vice-president of the World Bank in Washington. Prior to that appointment, he spent most of his academic career at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris. He has authored a large number of academic papers and books on the issue of poverty and inequality in developing and advanced countries. He is also active in the international development community, lecturing and advising leading international agencies as well as governments. His work has received several scientific distinctions during his career.

Recent books: The ‘Institutional Diagnostic Project’, a collection of books including: ‘Institutional Challenges at Early Stages of Development’ (coauthored with J-P Platteau); ‘State and Business in Tanzania’s Development’ (coedited with S. Wangwe); ‘Is the Bangladesh Paradox Sustainable?’ (coedited with S. Raihan and U. Salam); ‘State Capture and Rent-seeking in Benin (coedited with R. Houssa, J-P Platteau and P. Reding)’, all published in 2023 by Cambridge University Press.

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