We have the capacity to carry out turnkey solutions on different continents, all at the same time and the highest quality standards:

  • Design and construction of high-voltage electric power lines;
  • Design and construction of power stations and substations;
  • Design and manufacture of steel lattice towers, conductors, and accessories;
  • Testing of steel lattice towers with heights of up to 90 meters;
  • Construction of buildings, classical and drilled foundation, horizontal directional drilling;
  • Any architectural & implementation services in the industry.

Date Founded
Feb 2023

Team Size
1 - 10

Country of Origin
🇷🇴 Romania

Investment Stage



We are a world-class technology company, based in Romania, with projects all over the world. We support the global transition towards a sustainable future based on electrical energy through the design, construction, transformation and maintenance of the infrastructure for smart electricity distribution. We have over 70 years of experience in the high-voltage distribution infrastructure with over 400,000 kilometers of high-voltage and medium overhead lines built. We are confident about the future thanks to our team of more than 1,500 engineers and professionals who have proved that excellence is achievable. Therefore, the safety of our employees and contractors is an essential part of our strategy and of the way we operate. We support the global transition towards a sustainable future based on electrical energy!

Active Geographies

Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyprus, Qatar, Yemen, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Moldova, Greece, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Belgium

Growth Opportunity

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